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lbsFitWell Training 2

3:2:1 HIIT


This is a quick-moving workout so set up your space before you hit start on your timer. If you need more time to transition between exercises, add a rest "interval" or increase each interval by 10-15 seconds. Challenge yourself SAFELY, have fun & let me know how it goes!

Set your Timer for the following intervals:

Four 45 seconds cardio intervals (3 minutes)

Four 30 second strength intervals (2 minutes)

1 minute core interval

30-60 seconds rest interval

Repeat 4-6 times (30-45 minute workout)

Begin with Warm-up and Dynamic Stretches


Rope Jumping Jacks

Skater Jumps


Ball Slams



Stiff-leg Deadlift High Pull

Squat Pause Hammer Curl

Renegade Row OR Plank Shoulder Taps


Russian Twists


Bicycle Crunch

Cool-down, Stretch & High-five!

-Laurel B. Sakson

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