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Personal Training        Small Group Training        Online Training

Each program is designed to help you build the body you want while becoming healthier, stronger and able to conquer each day with more energy and confidence!

One on One Training

  • 30-60 minute personalized training sessions with you and your trainer working at your level and pace.

  • In-person and online, virtual training options based on your location and preferences. If you can't make it into our gym, you can log onto the video call to stay consistent, receive instruction and real-time feedback on form. (Virtual training available for all options upon request) 

  • Periodized training programs to challenge your body at your current level then progressively overload it month after month, making adjustments along the way as needed for best results and ensuring you're not overtraining

  • Throughout the session, your trainer will be there to provide proper movement instruction, recognize your potential then push you towards it while providing corrective exercises as needed to prevent injury and ensure you meet your goals.

  • $35 - $55 per session paid monthly based on your frequency


This is a great option for those that:

  • are uncomfortable in groups or prefer personalized attention

  • have physical limitations or special considerations


Small Group Personal Training

Giving you that extra encouragement and accountability needed

to stay consistent, motivated and seeing results! 

  • Receive the same personalized program of personal training at a fraction of the cost by sharing a workout session with 2-3 others. 

  • The group environment will help you stay consistent and challenge yourself more than you would on your own, so you can push through those times when you feel like skipping.

  • $25-$35 per session based on participants and frequency. Paid monthly.

  • Limited spaces and times open for small groups morning, afternoon and evening throughout the week. Get in touch with me below to determine availability.


Build 'n Burn Group Classes

  • General conditioning and functional workouts designed for larger groups (8-12).

  • Utilizing all the equipment in the gym (including your own bodyweight) to build strength, stamina, and develop a toned physique. Scorch calories and boost your metabolism without tons of cardio. 

  • Reduced costs with greater class sizes.

  • Join live online if you prefer to work out from home or can't make it into the gym on occasion. I will provide you the workout template, any adjustments to the workout you will need based on your equipment and the live video link to follow along. With the live video option, I can communicate with you and assess your form real-time as needed.

  • $169 monthly.

  • Classes are held Monday, Wednesday & Fridays. Open spots vary, click below to learn more and schedule a trial workout to determine if this is the right fit for you.




All "In-Person" Sessions are located at Complete Training, 1771 E. Boy Scout Road, Hixson TN 37343. 


Online Training

New workouts are loaded monthly into your fitness app so you can follow the program from anywhere on your own schedule. Feel confident stepping into the gym or in your home workout space; no more wasting time and results by "winging" it. Your app includes images, video demonstrations, messaging, and optional nutrition guidance to help you stay on track and engage with your trainer as needed. Track your workouts and physique to stay motivated, perform better and enable your trainer to provide personalized progressions for greater results.

3 Online Training Packages listed below

Foundation Fit

  • 3 Total body workouts weekly utilizing gym equipment or bodyweight exercises with limited equipment for at home training.

  • Designed for the general population to improve health, strength & mobility

  • Follow along through the training app on your own and/or join a live workout with our large group at designated time(s). 

  • NOT personalized workouts

  • $99 billed monthly* - no minimum contract

Custom Fit

  • 3 days weekly of personalized workouts designed for your goals, preferences and abilities

  • New workouts are delivered monthly according to your adherence and progress, so you get the best results

  • Adjustments made as needed so your workout fits with your lifestyle, new goals and time constraints

  • Direct messaging with your coach for form feedback and questions

  • $149 billed monthly / 3 month minimum

  • Everything you need to succeed; fitness, nutrition & accountability

  • All benefits from the "Custom Fit" training package PLUS additional training days up to 5 custom workouts weekly

  • BONUS Nutrition Coaching to take your performance and physique results to the next level

  • Macro-based nutrition for diet flexibility that yields results

  • Weekly check-ins to assess how your body is responding to the plan and real-time adjustments

  • Direct messaging with your coach for feedback and questions so you stay consistent and learn how to navigate a "diet-free" lifestyle.

  • $249 billed monthly / 3 month minimum

I strive to provide a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience to ensure that your custom workout is safe, effective and tailored to your goals and interests. Strength training is the best way to change the SHAPE of your body, boost your metabolism, improve your STRENGTH and FUNCTIONAL ability so you can keep doing all the things you love while rocking a bod that you are proud of!

Laurel B. Sakson
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

  I promise to assist you every step of the way, so you develop a life-long habit of exercise for your physical, mental, and emotional health. I strive to provide a safe and fun environment where you can be inspired and gain the skills to achieve your goals. I will assess your abilities, strengths and limitations then challenge you to get the results you desire. 

 If you've wanted to find a way to get in shape and stay consistent, then I encourage you to give this a try. 

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