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6 Week Challenge

Summer Shred
Macro Based Dieting 

When it's time to shed that "winter coat"

This is a 6 week group program that will guide you through the proven protocols of health improvement and physique goals. You will receive the education, and accountability to start seeing results with the bonus coaching throughout to perfect healthy lifestyle habits and make adjustments along the way.
 I’ll teach you how to fuel, eat flexibly, tweak things for performance, physique or health. Each group program varies slightly on specific goals, this time will be geared toward fat loss while retaining muscle. I want to help you get that jumpstart toward summer so you feel confident with your bod without going to extremes.
 I encourage you to reach out to me directly if you're not sure which program is right for you. It's important for me to know your history of dieting and where you are now so I can determine where to start you personally. Together, we will start with habits that you’re willing, able and ready to do right now for results. I’ll coach u at that level and at your pace. The group will provide added accountability and motivation so you stay on track when you may not otherwise.
Have a friend(s) that wants to join with you, ask about my referral signup discount

Fitness Coaching available as an add-on program

This group is closed & in progress.

Click the link below to learn more and get on the waitlist (no obligation or payment) for our next group challenge at the end of summer/early fall

Success Stories

Customized Meal Plan
Personalized Goals & Strategy Report
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