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  • Will I have to eat strange foods that I have never heard of before?
    Nope, not unless you want to. I believe that a diet is temporary but a healthy lifestyle is one that is sustainable and fits into your life. Sure there will be compromises you will need to make at certain points to achieve your goals but we will work together on ways you can find the right balance for long-term results.
  • Will I need a gym membership to do the workouts?
    No. When you complete your new client forms, you will let me know if you will be working out from home or from the gym. Your workouts are then created and added to your account and conveniently delivered to your fitness app, Trainerize. You will be able to follow and track your progress directly from your PC or mobile device. Your workout plan can also be printed from the app if you prefer.
  • I'm thinking of joining with a friend or partner. Can we do the program together?
    Of course. We encourage friends, partners, and family members to join together. That immediate social support makes a huge difference for a lot of people.
  • 12 months seems like a long time. Does it really take that long?
    Based on continued research, experts have found a full year to be the most effective time period for building the habits necesary for lifelong health and fitness. Sure, we've all made changes, met goals or lost X amount of weight within a few weeks or months, but true success is when the weight stays off even after 1 year. For this reason, the program is designed to strategically lead you through a full year of lessons, habits and coaching to lead a happy, healthy life without stressing over dieting ever again. There are some individuals who have a pretty solid foundation and only want to break through plateaus or certain obstacles holding them back whether dietary, stress-related or through their fitness program. During our phone consult, we will determine what plan would be best for you then reassess periodically to get you where you want to be.
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