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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent Van Gogh

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I'm Laurel B. Sakson, and I believe everyone deserves to feel confident, strong, and age gracefully without the stress of going to extremes. My passion is showing others how to embrace making small, daily choices that lead to long-term results. See greater results by fueling your body rather than starving it.  Prioritize fitness a few times weekly to get stronger, more energy and love how your clothes fit. A beautiful body starts from within and is more than a number on a scale.


Let's make your lbs. Fit Well for your body and goals, regardless of your weight!​

I began my professional journey into the health and fitness world over 20 years ago, eager to help others learn and adopt a healthy lifestyle that has been such a blessing to me. No one is free from obstacles but it's what we do to get through them that makes the difference in how we feel and look. After 3 beautiful kiddos, a spinal injury, starting my own business, and of course those "not-so-fun" changes that happen as we age, I know first-hand how rewarding it can be to find a balance between your health and life's demands while maintaining a bod you can be proud of with a lifestyle you can sustain.  This is why each of my programs focus on you as a person. I will meet you where you are then together, we will take one step at a time so you can live a healthy, happy and confident life!

Nutrition Coaching 

One on One


Gain freedom from restrictive diets, feel more energized and take control of your body!   

Fitness Training


One on One



Each fitness program is designed to help you build the body you want while becoming healthier, stronger and able to conquer each day with more energy and confidence!

You may think I can't,
But together WE CAN!

Book your 15-minute complimentary strategy session to discuss how we will get you results 

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